In current times where we buy products and services based on reviews written by other people and ratings given by other people who bought the same product or service before; to provide exceptional customer service is a necessity and not a luxury anymore. 

If you keep your customers happy, chances are they will come again and again to buy from you and they will provide referrals directly by referring to people in their network or by posting reviews and ratings.

Here are 3 ideas that will help you to create exceptional customer service strategies, systems, and processes.


I see many companies implementing this idea in their various services like shipping, delivery, and many other areas of their operations. Especially Amazon implements this wonderfully for eg. when you purchase a product on Amazon’s website the product arrives before the date of delivery which was mentioned during purchasing the product, and this makes customers happy and loyal to the brand.

Brainstorm with your team or think about how can you under-promise and over-deliver to your customers in your business which will make them happier.


Many companies use this idea by upgrading the membership of their customers or upgrading the status of their delivery from standard to premium and also some companies give samples of products, or newly launched products for free.

As a business owner, consider the opportunities on how you can implement this idea in your business. How will you surprise your customers?


We are seeing the company’s response time when a customer raises a ticket or asks for support is very quick nowadays. When a customer complains or faces any kind of challenge with your products or services that is an excellent time to make customers loyal to your business.

I see in food delivery companies, that when a customer is unhappy with the delivery time as a customer was expecting a shorter period time for delivery, and when a customer reaches support to raise the issue; companies acknowledge the complaint, solve the customer’ issue, and also sometimes they even compensate by giving discount coupons or their low-value products for free. It makes customers happy and their bad experience gets converted into a pleasant experience.

Think about how can you convert customers’ bad experiences into pleasant ones in your business.

Consider the above 3 ideas and make systems and strategies around that to make your customer happy and loyal to your business.

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