As my mentor, Mr. Blair Singer says SALES = INCOME, if a business is not performing well or is on the verge of closing down one of the main reasons is lack of ample sales.

As a business owner, your primary focus should be on marketing and sales; marketing is all about the generation of leads and Sales is how you convert leads into paying clients or customers.

There are 3 pillars of success in sales and eventually success in business.


 If you do not have the right mindset you cannot build a sustainable business. Having right mindset in regards to sales is of primary importance. Some of the characteristics of the right mindset are

·        See things from the customer’s point of view

·        Focus on them not on you

·        Find people who truly want what you are offering

·        Master the knowledge that you are seen as an expert in your business

·        Use words and find language that will resonate with your prospects or potential clients


Most businesses have ample leads but they are not able to convert them into paying clients or customers and the primary reason is the lack of an effective sales process.

Many salespeople try to sell too early and hence people are reluctant to buy from them. On the other hand, there are businesses that have an effective sales process; they take their customers through a series of steps; where the customers get to know them, like them, and finally trust them. As we buy from people we trust.

Here is the effective sales process which I learned from my Mentor and Coach Mr. Mac Attram (www.macattram.com).


You need to understand the process and master every single step.

1.     Find people with money

2.     Approach and contact them

3.     Present your product/service

4.     Handle Objection

5.     Pre-close and Close

6.     Ask for testimonials

The above sales process is the most effective sales process which you can implement in your business.


Building positive and productive relationships with clients or customers is important nowadays than ever before. As customers not only give reviews and refer your services to others as well as they come to you again to buy the same product/service or other products and services.

Here are a few tips on how to build and maintain positive and productive relationships with your clients and customers.

·        Make people feel important

By greeting them on Birthday, Anniversary, Festivals, etc. also you can send them inexpensive and thoughtful gifts from time to time as everyone likes gifts.

·        Help them succeed

Businesses exist to solve the problems of people through products or services. Help your clients or customers to get the results they are looking for.

·        Make the time to maintain important relationships.

Relationships are built over time, and time is one of the most important elements of relationship building.  The time you spend with another person is key.

·        Keep in constant contact

Send them emails, texts, or WhatsApp messages not only on your offers and new products but also for asking their feedback on the results they are getting and sending them important information which could benefit them.

Build the right mindset, create an effective sales process and build positive relationships and your sales will explode and in turn, your income will explode.

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