As my mentor, Mr. Blair Singer says business is a team sport and not a solo sport.

If you want to have an active income you can do it on your own, but if you want passive income (incomes that come without you working) and if you want your business to run on autopilot you need to build a team not just a team but a high-performance team.

Here are the few key things which will help your build a high-performance team


Each and every member of your team must have complete clarity on their role in the organization. Create a written document on what are their duties and responsibilities; what tasks they are needed to perform on daily basis.

Communicate with them on regular basis on your expectations of their performance.

Also, establish measurement metrics to supervise their performance on regular basis.


Everyone you are team must also aware of what they are trying to achieve, what are the goals and vision of the company.

Communicate at every possible opportunity your business vision and goals of your company, where you want to be your company in the next 1, 2, or next 5 years.

Set holistic goals and make sure that everyone is aware of the goals of the company; as it will motivate and inspire them to perform even better.


 As a Business Owner, you need to create an environment of learning in your organization. Encourage people to read books, take online courses, attend seminars and webinars and share their knowledge with others.

Consider keeping a learning time of 2 to 3 hours every week where people learn and later share their knowledge with others.

If possible organize training on Sales, Marketing, etc. in your organization.


Create an environment of accountability, where everyone is accountable for their performance.

As a Business Owner, you need to remain accountable to yourself and others. If your business is not doing well you need to take full responsibility and not blame others in your team.

Create an accountability dashboard (simple excel spreadsheet) where everyone puts their numbers on daily basis especially people associated with Sales (Eg. No. of calls made, No. of appointments fixed, etc.)


A Code of honor is a set of rules as to how people on the team and members of the team work with each other. E.g. Constitution, 10 Commandments, etc. This is the glue to business this is why people come together to accomplish something.

Create 5 to 7 rules in your business and everyone should obey that rules. Rules such as Be on time, Take 100% responsibility for your actions, etc.

Build a high-performance team and take your business to next level.

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