One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face is to find the right talent for their business and an even bigger challenge is to retain people on whom you have spent your time, energy, and money; sometimes you have spent years developing your people and suddenly they find better options and they leave the job.

In this article, I will share some of the strategies on how to recruit the right people, how to train them, and most importantly how to retain them so that your time and energy do not get wasted. I want to add a disclaimer here, one fact you need to keep in your mind is that no matter what you will do for your employees some employees will leave you; for this reason, you should have systems in place in your business, make your business systems dependent not people dependent.


Before recruiting an employee you should have absolute clarity on what you want the person to accomplish. For this you need to prepare a Role Clarity document in which you need to mention all the details of the task you this person to accomplish and also mention what type of character traits and attitude you want in that person. Ask yourself a few questions for eg. Do you want this person to be creative, resilient, hard-working, etc. After you have complete clarity on the role, attitudes, and behavior you want in person, the next step would be to find the right person; for this, you can use social media, newspaper

advertisements, recruitment websites, recruitment agencies, referrals from existing staff and other strategies.

After you interview the person and you find the person suitable do not recruit immediately. Let other members from your team interview them as sometimes you cannot see the behaviors which others see and if required do multiple rounds of interviews with yourself and others, taking diligent care upfront is very important as you are going to invest your time, energy, and money in that person. Also, keep a probationary period so if you are not satisfied with the performance you have the option to terminate the contract.


After you hire the person, the first day of the work is an important day as the newly hired person will be nervous which is normal. On the first day you or let someone from your team introduce the new hire to the other members of the team and give a tour of your entire business; if you have a physical office, factory, or other facility show it, as the person will know more about your company and the person will feel important.

One of the primary human need is to get importance and attention and when you make a person feel important they will get emotionally involved in their job and they will perform better.

Communicate your company’s mission, vision, and values so that the person can align with the culture of your company easily.

On competence level organize training on various subjects like sales, marketing, systems, etc. to enhance their knowledge and skills. Your job as a business owner is to coach and train them on a regular basis it is not a one-time job that finishes with recruiting the right person. In fact, your job begins after you recruit the person.

From time to time check which soft skills and hard skills your employees need to upgrade or learn and encourage them to take seminars, webinars, online courses, attend training and read books.

Create a learning culture in your company and also encourage them to take personal development education as personal development and professional development go hand in hand.

Train and coach them regularly on various functions of your business and new systems you’ve created or the upgraded existing systems. Encourage senior members of your team to train, coach, and develop junior members as it will make your job easier.


Once you have selected the right person and you have invested your time, energy, and money in training and coaching a person the biggest challenge is how to retain an experienced and competent person.

Here are a few of my suggestions that will help you retain employees but keep in mind some people will leave no matter what you do for them.

 .     Engagement

 Engage them in meetings and other decision-making processes, ask for their opinions, listen to their ideas and most importantly never discard their ideas immediately or say they are wrong. Create a safe space where everyone expresses their opinions and give their ideas freely and without any fear of any repercussions.

.     Empowerment

Give them the power of taking decisions (within their scope of work). Most business owners want to make all the decisions by themselves and that’s the reason they do not get freedom from their business. Show them which decisions they can take and they will feel empowered.

 .     Career Path

Being a business owner you have to create a clear career path and show your employees how they can progress and increase their income; one of the most important human needs is to grow, no one likes to stay static at one place. By showing a clear career path of progress they will remain motivated and willing to go the extra mile to their career to the next level. Implement the above strategies in your business which will help you to recruit, train and retain high-performing employees in your team.

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